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This week’s offering is in the form an obscure book written once again to show that Muslim kids are suffering in the schools. The reporter working in her narrow of blinkered scope somehow desperately found a story which has hardly made the so called social media storm as claimed. Having checked with my chums back in Mumbai who are avid readers after verifying following a visit to a local big bookshop in Pedder road in the salubrious part of the city they are struggling to work out the motive behind the author’s and Bakwaas’s   onslaught of painting the reminder of religious communities in India as anti-muslim, only this time, targeting the children. Of course in the UK such survey would not be allowed and taken with a large pinch of salt.

As you can see the buck once again stops with Modi ji- so irked are these reporters having got nowhere in getting the public on their side that the extracted quote vividly describes the sharp divisions. However the truth speaks for itself. Modi ji and BJP did not get elected on this divide, it was the shambolic performance of the Congress Party whose vote bank saw through their antics and kicked them out. As to the TV channels, well even after Mod iji was elected they were painting distorted views of him going back on the discredited news of Godhra to no avail. All the talk of non-tolerance withered away and the rest of the World leaders saw Mod iji as a true statesman representing the aspirations of modern India. Even the Labour leaders who called him some kind of extremist has to eat the humble pie when he visited UK and they had to shut up when Mod iji took the stage with PM Cameron to a rousing applaud of some 50,000 UK Indians, a majority of whom were young 20 something.

So once again such news items once you access the link proves the useless anti Hindu propaganda which we are proud to monitor. The next course of action is of course over to the rest of you

Link Main Heading Aimed Narrative The Indian schoolchildren who are bullied for being Muslim Make Muslims look like victims in world’s largest democracy and point finger of blame at Modi
  ‘(2014) It was a time of sharp religious divisions in India. The Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Partywas running a hugely polarising election campaign, which helped sweep Prime Minister Narendra Modi to power. There was a rise in Hindu nationalist sentiment and

some television channels were presenting a distorted narrative that painted Muslims as “invaders,anti-national and a threat to national security. So, can the increased bullying of Muslim children in Indian schools be described as the “Modi Effect”?’