Worried Mamta woos Hindus to contain BJP


The surprise surge in BJP’s vote-share in the recent assembly byelections, in Bengal’s Sabang and Dakshin Kanthi, where the saffron party doesn’t have an organisation worth mentioning, is a pointer to a shift in Bengal’s political narrative that was broadly built on class intertwined with caste and the minority vote bank. In the Sabang assembly by poll. BJP, which had got only 5,610 votes in 2016, jumped to 37,476 this time.

A worried Mamta Bannerji has come to realise the change that Narendra Modi has brought in the universe of Hinduism. Modi has included OBCs, Scheduled Caste and Tribes in the Hindu camp, breaking the monopoly of Brahmins and upper caste Hindus.

she is now trying to project herself as a HINDU and as such spent around one hour at Kapil Muni’s ashram with its chief priest Gyandas  during her Gangasagar visit on December 26, ahead of Makar Sankranti on January 14, when lakhs of pilgrims will be taking a holy dip at the confluence of the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal.

“I will come to this place again,” the CM said, possibly to appear balanced, and counter the perception that she is pro-minority.

Hastily, Mamata announced formation of SC advisory council, a separate welfare board for the Rajbanshi’s in north Bengal to take She has set up boards to renovate temples: Tarapith, Tarakeswar, Kalighat — as she has done for Furfura Sharif. The government is also upgrading tribal burial grounds.got-a-story-2


  1. She is now a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    Hindus of Bengal should unite and throw her out of office as she has always favoured the Muslims and troubled the Hindus.

  2. Wonderful to note that BJP is finally “breaking the monopoly of Brahmins and upper caste Hindus” in India, this will no doubt ensure that Hinduism will strengthen in India. But sadly it’s the other way around in UK. The National Council of Hindu Temples with Hindu Forum of Britain, The Hindu Council, The Swaminarayan Temple, ISCKON and even the National Hindu Students Forum and their cronies are working desperately to maintain the monopoly of Brahmins and the ‘upper caste Hindus’ by ensuring that the so called low caste Hindus never get equality by opposing their basic Human Rights in UK.

  3. Manta Bannerji, like the Labour Party in the U.K. depends on Muslim votes and it’s great result for BJP usurping her position and it continue
    As to Kumar’s point I totally disagree as I happen to come from Luhar caste and the organisations he refers to are doing a unifying bonding job for all the Hindus in the U.K.
    I over 33 years haven’t felt an ounce of discrimination he so vehemently projects and as to NHSF well the young generation do not subscribe to the old views it’s perhaps the new entrants from India settling here who may still be affected by their experience in the Home land
    You just need to look at the diverse trusteeship and realise that no one group controls the wishes of Hindus
    what we have to really worry about is Labour Party who has effectively alienated Hindus by empowering others who depend upon the state

  4. Discrimination in any form is not acceptable.Leading positions in political system in Britain can only be shared in any party if we have our members. It is my personnel experiences that it is very hard to make Hindus members of political parties. Most of them do not wish to join any party . With hardly few members , it is not possible to take the leading positions.

  5. As a suggestion, For those who do want to join where our ideals and ethos are met without having to paddle our religion there is of course Conservative Friends of India