Rahul Gandhi Listed As ‘Non-Hindu’ Visitor At Somnath Temple


Rahul Gandhi registered as a “non-Hindu” visitor at the famous Somnath temple in Gujarat on Wednesday and this immediately ignited a storm.

Congress alleges a BJP conspiracy ahead of polls in the state and accused the ruling BJP of circulating a “fake entry” to discredit their boss-designate.

“We have no qualms in saying that Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu. Not only is Rahul Gandhiji a Hindu, he is a ‘janeu dhari‘ (Brahmin) Hindu. BJP should not bring down the political discourse to this level,” said  angry Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala .

The Congress vice president visited the renowned temple along with Ahmed Patel and others. A media coordinator, Manoj Tyagi, apparently signed in for the whole group in a register meant for non-Hindus, who need special permission to visit the temple. The Congress alleges that the name “Rahul Gandhiji” was added by the BJP.

rahul gandhi signature somnath temple

“Everyone knows Rahul Gandhi is a shiv bhakt (devotee). The BJP is doing what it does best, diverting from real issues,” said Congress leader Deependra Hooda, pointing out that the temple’s trust includes BJP leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party chief Amit Shah and former Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel.

Rahul Gandhi has visited several temples over the last few weeks as part of his “Gujarat Navsarjan Yatra”. “I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. Let them say whatever they want to say. My truth is with me”. says Rahul Gandhi.




  1. Politics and Religion should not mix however the sad fact is, they do. It could be a mischief to play on the part of voting public but if they are sensible it will soon be forgotten. Hinduism teaches us to be very tolerant of others and India is living proof as a geographical entity to amass such collection of religions, languages and cultures. However even in this first democracy, its not unusual to see Labour politicians visiting copious numbers of centres where they meet their vote bank, majority of whom hardly understand English and a discourse is given in their mother tounge- note I have witnessed this personally. Anyone remember Ken Livingstone’s attempt to enlist Muslim support in that London Mayoral election by praying at a mosque? which rightly backfired? I would urge the readers to read the names of heads of departments where Labour councils rule and come to your own conclusion of the rampant nepotism and favouritism as way of reward- however all political parties engage in vote grabbing by whatever means. Tony Blair got on to the bandwagon by announcing, following tragic death of Diana that she was people’s princess and so it goes on…