Forced marriages of under aged Hindu girls in Pakistan


For last several years Minority Hindu Community in Pakistan is facing existential challenges and also serious Human Rights Violation in the form of forced conversion, forced marriage of girls and most of the time under aged girl, rape murder, brutality extortion etc.  Global Human Rights Defence based at The Hague, Netherlands is fighting for the Human Rights for the last fourteen years.  This year they have made a documentary to sensitize the civilized world, International Communities and Human Rights defender on Forced marriages of under aged Hindu girls in Pakistan.

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Screening of the documentary is on 12th December 2017 at Pathe Buitenhof,The Hague. 16.00-19.00



  1. This is appalling news for our community. When anything happens to likes of Rohigya, all world know about it and considering that over 1000 officially reported underage girls especially from minority religious groups in Pakistan are forced to convert or marry after kidnapping the so called democratic media organisations including BBC remain silent. Same happens in Bangladesh not only to Hindus but Christians, Ahamadis, Shias and Buddhists yet no news outlet wants to publish the tragic stories. Its great job Global Human Rights Defence are going and if possible everyone should not only watch this documentary but send a clip to their local MP to find out what he/she can do about it.

  2. Pakistan is a shameless country. There should be an agreement between India and Pakistan to exchange such people who are not happy where they are living now.