He is getting me;what more does he need?


A new glow on her face, a spring in her step and a constant smile, the excitement is only growing for Bharti Singh as her big day comes close. The popular star is getting hitched on December 3 to her longtime beau Haarsh Limbachiyaa. While the festivities have already kickstarted, Bharti is swarmed with last minute preparations. In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, Bharti shared, “I am really enjoying preparing for the wedding though it seems to be an endless job. My family has also been panicking, since every now and then, a new requirement is coming up.”

When asked if the bride-to-be had bought a gift for Haarsh, Bharti smiled to say, “Arre, kya yaad dilaye jaa rahe ho (Why are you reminding me all these?). But what gift, Haarsh is already getting the best 80 kgs gift in Bharti, I don’t think he would need anything else.”

The comedienne has been sharing videos of her family practicing for her sangeet night. We wondered why there’s no video of the couple. “We have already done so much of work and performed for nine years and now we want our families to perform for us. We would just witness their spectacular acts like judges.”

Talking about her honeymoon plans, Bharti shared, “We are coming back from Goa on December 5 and the next day we have a satyanarayan pooja at Haarsh’s home. Then on December 8, we are going to Gujarat, to Amba ji’s temple and finally flying off to Europe on the 17th. It’s a month-long honeymoon where we will be covering most of the places like Italy, Venice, Budapest and Greece. I am really excited for the honeymoon.”

Source:Indian Express



  1. Good for her it will be no doubt typical big time Indian wedding. Proves that lot of traditions have been jazzed up by Bollywood thus making ordinary people spend even more for what should be a spiritual union between a man and a woman