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In the time honoured tradition the corporation has continued its onslaught on bringing tantalising stories depicting the Hindus as some kind of inconvenient religion. A recent exhibition at the British Museum about Gods, Places and religions would of course tell otherwise. As long as in 700AD it was India who welcomed another old faith called Zoroastrians when they were persecuted. Even a mug in history studies would be able to identify India as the largest and secular democracy embracing all religions and peoples.

This week’s links which represent about 50% of India stories online prove beyond doubt that either the India editorial staff or the ones on ground do not  look beyond their desk to bring the vile and defamatory tales relating to Hindus, Cows and the right wing Hindu Prime Minister. We will be bringing to your attention more such news especially since most of the UK Asian media ignores the needs of the community they represent on this aspect. You can conclude yourself what warped minds would want represent India and their majority religion in this manner. I would like to find out what current story line BBC journalists are following in the neighbouring countries. Hindu woman kills herself  In recent years, India has witnessed

Hindu-Muslim tensions over what

has come to be known as “love jihad”. Indian Dalits recalls protest that paralysed Mumbai Generalising the issue, painting all

upper caste Hindus as thugs by

referring to saffron flags Why are Dalits in Narendra Modi’s India angry? (Article written in Aug 2016 barely

one year of Modi’s tenure) Blame

upper caste Hindus

  Currency Ban