Rahul Gandhi IS a descendant of Lord Parashuram?


A youth Congress leader, Haseeb Ahmad,  has put up a poster on his Facebook and Twitter accounts congratulating, Rahul Gandhi – a “janeudhari” – for his elevation as president of the Indian National Congress.

Claiming that Rahul Gandhi is a Lord Shiva devotee as well as descendant of Lord Parashuram, Haseeb Ahmad said, “Those who follow sanatan dharam and also worship Lord Parashuram should know, Rahul Gandhi, being a Brahmin, has a right to wear janeu (scared thread).” He said that no one has the right to raise questions over their young leader wearing janeu.

The poster, apart from having photographs of Lord Shiva and Lord Parashuram, also carries a collage of photographs, including former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Pramood Tiwari, and local Congress leaders Haseeb Ahmad and Tribhuwan Tiwari.

 Rahu Gandhi-4

The poster here reads “Shiv bhakt, Bhagwan Parashuram ke vansaj, Janeudhari Pt. Rahul Gandhi Ji ko Bharatiya Rashtriya Congress party ka rashtriya adhyaksha banaye jane par hardik badhai (Congratulations to Pt. Rahul Gandhi, the Lord Shiva devotee, descendant of Lord Parashuram and janeudhari for being appointed the president of Indian National Congress).got-a-story-2


  1. Do you think Hindus will fall for that social/religious “talk”? Haseeb Ahmad a muslim is promoting Sonia Gandhi’s son, I find this very interesting.

  2. This is one of the most ridiculous ‘malgorithm’ of modern times and cheapskate tactics of a Muslim youth Congress leader. Far from convincing most will see through the desperation of Congress to suddenly awaken to Hindu feelings. What is clear from the poster is the devastating results if this dysfunctional political dynasty ever came to power. Just like the Labour Party in the UK who treat Muslims as their vote bank (and vice a versa) Congress Party alone is responsible in denigrating the Hindus in India. Therefore don’t pay any attention and mock at your will

  3. What is the problem with some Hindus who are making lots of comments on Rahul Gandhi for visiting Hindu Temples. He is not committing crime .We know this is election time and every leader wants to please his or her voters.It is a good sign if Congress party has started recognising Hinduism as well.

  4. Rahul’s trick to hoodwink the Gujarati voters failed to a large extent though he got some solace from some sources.

  5. Rahul’s love for Hinduism is superfluous and would vanish with the passage of time.