Govt. Officer in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Goes to Church in Official Car


A senior Government officer working for the Government controlled TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) trust was found to be in gross violation of her service rules by daily going to a Christian Lutheran Church in an official car.

Ms. Snehalatha, Deputy Executive Officer in TTD’s Welfare Department, is reported to never take ‘Prasadam’ (food blessed after it is first offered to Bhagwan), but uses her official car to go to Church and also accepts gifts during Brahmotsavam, an annual festival conducted over 9 days in which the Utsava-murti of Sri Venkateswara, along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi is taken on a procession around the temple town.

The news has been widely reported in some new Telugu news outlets like Bharaat Today –

If not for twitter, the news would have remained confined to few pockets in Andhra, but started going viral as Hindus from other states picked up on it-

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 This lady is a Christian, working as deputy EO of TTD BALAJI TEMPLE welfare department. Doesn’t take ‘Prasadam’ but takes all costly gifts during ‘Brahmosthvam’. Uses official car to go to Church everyday in the morning.



  1. I am glad that you pick up such stories which would have never come to our attention here in London. I write every week in Asian Voice and have my own column in India Link. I email my published work to some 500 people on my list and that include many MPs, Lords and Councillors. I will email this to many friends who share our views and concerns. Hindus have been taken for granted by one and all, as on most part we are extremely law abiding, liberal and accommodating. That is why India has been divided and subdivided over centuries. Today’s India is not even one third of the India of Lord Rama and Krishna’s time. Fortunately Hindus are waking up in time, thanks to PM Modi and uniting under the flag of our culture and religion. I hope to read more about Gujarat election on your site.

  2. I totally agree with Bhupendrabhai. It seems the media here seems to publish news not in the interest of the Hindus or generally for a proud Indian. Unless we are well informed, even BBC online gets away with anti-India sentiment stories (cow vigilantes, rape, anti Modiji) rather than reporting the rampant duplicity and corruption as well as civil servants using one’s position of power to further other religions although tolerated but active in diluting the Hindu values. I would call upon all like minded friends to share this link and news source which will give an alternative view

  3. I think this lady is unsuitable for the job assigned to her.
    she should concentrate on her Church matters.
    Look at how she is collecting gifts from a Hindu Mandir and not accepting Parsad.
    There should be investigation and all presents should be recovered from her.

  4. As per Mr. Patel`s information above “This lady is a Christian working as “Deputy EO of TTD Balaji Temple Welfare department.Management committee of this temple must be knowing about all this information , May I ask why they have not taken any actions. She must have been permitted by them. We should not only blame this woman we should blame the management committee of this temple.