Madrassas celebrate Independence Day


Amid the UP government’s order to madrassas to celebrate Independence Day and video-record it as a proof, most of them at the eastern and central parts of UP celebrated the Independence Day claiming they have always been doing so.

On August 11, Madhya Pradesh Madarsa Board  followed in the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Shiksha Parishad’s footsteps and  ordered all 256 madrasas in the state to unfurl the national flag and recite the national anthem on August 15.

Lucknow’s Firangi Mahal Madrasa unfurled the tricolor on Tuesday. Agra’s Afzal Ul Uloom Madrasa also celebrated the day of independence.

Speaking to ANI, Mufti Mukkaram, a cleric from Delhi, said such orders shouldn’t be passed which question the loyalty and patriotism of the Muslims. “Such orders give a wrong impression about Muslims. We unfurl the national flag a day or two before Independence Day. But to doubt the Muslims or looking at them with suspicion is wrong,” Mukkaram said.


He argued that it is objectionable for people to believe that Muslims are not patriotic or are anti-nationals. “We (Muslims) have contributed a lot to the country. There should be no reason to cast any doubts over our patriotism.” he added.

Hafiz Irfaan Ahmad, the principal of Madrassa Jamia Arabia Husainia, said: “In the struggle for freedom, Islamic madrassas played a vital role. Many of our Ulema were killed by the British to suppress the freedom struggle.”


Reacting to the government order to the madrassas, Irfaan said, “Government must correct itself. Since August 15, 1947 have, madrassas have always celebrated the Independence Day every year.”

“This year’s celebration is not due to the government’s order. Please don’t question our patriotism. Do we always have to prove our love for motherland?” he asked.



  1. Celebrations of Independence are essential but it is equally important to develop organisations and groups to remove the extreme poverty of India.

  2. I am glad that such centres are becoming aware of their duties to follow the secular path and Yogi should be congratulated on the initiative. Patriotism transcends race or religion as a nation and secure state is what the millennial human being strives. If they really are proper education centres who apart from their religious studies ensure that the kids learn their civic responsibility then such action is not needed. This is the same way as to why Sharia can not be brought in the UK as parallel legal system because some of the aspects may clash with the ethos of a full fledged democracy. UK government should ensure that the so called teaching centres in some towns follow the British curriculum which encompasses religious tolerance like a normal school