Pakistan Zindabad Chants at Congress rally in Moradabad, UP


At a recent Congress rally in Moradabad, Western UP, shouts of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ were heard from the rally participants, some of whom were also filmed carrying arms. Ironically, the rally was held to pay homage to the 18 Bharatiya soldiers who lost their lives in the terrorist attack at Uri.

This was caught on camera by news channel Samachar Plus and also reported on ABP News – 
When questioned by media, the local Congress leaders, ignoring the video evidence, instead claimed that ‘the crowd was chanting Pakistan Murdabad‘.
It is said that the Congress Vice-President and scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Rahul Gandhi, is scheduled to conduct a road show on 28 Sept in Moradabad for the upcoming 2017 UP Assembly elections.

Congress machinations to limit the damage?

If there is one thing Congress does well, it is firefighting and manipulation of the narrative – in fact, the Sonia-led Congress’ governance model essentially revolves around two powerful core competencies: how to make Sonia ji appear as ‘Lady Bountiful’ (the rights-based approach, copious handouts to the right vote-bank at the right time), and how to manipulate public narrative through their sepoys in media and intelligentsia.
Sensing the damage potential this Pakistan-love displayed by their supporters could have on prospects for the upcoming state elections, Congress back-room strategists appear to have quickly employed a common ploy in modern day left-secular politics to play the victim card and divert attention from a damaging story.
The ploy comes in 2 variants: an ink attack or thrown shoe by an allegedly disgruntled ‘common citizen’, which the ‘attacked’ leader graciously shrugs off in a Gandhian show of ahimsa and brotherly love for even those who ‘hate’.
So, as if on cue, reports came in of a 25-year-old youth throwing a shoe at Rahul Gandhi during a road show in Sitapur district, UP.
In the perfect Mahatma  and almost Bollywood-style response, Rahul Gandhi said while addressing a gathering after the incident, “Mujhe aapke joote aur gusse se dar nahi lagta (I am not scared of your anger or shoe).”