Morrisons “Diwali Compaign”-sweets contain Beef Gelatine


The Hindu Council UK recently took up the issue about sweets (containing Beef Gelatine) which are being promoted as part of Morrison Superstore’s ‘Diwali Campaign’

Please see letter below issued by Dipen Rajyaguru-Hindu Council UK Director responsible for Equality & Human Rights: 

Dear Customer service,

I am writing to you to complain about your product placement of Beef gelatine (Halal) sweets that is being featured in the Diwali section of your stores (I visited the Colindale branch today), please see pictures attached. As you must be aware (as this is not the first time!) of how deeply offensive not to mention how disappointing it is to see the lack of religious sensitivity and knowledge that Morrison’s currently display. Hindu’s do not eat Beef (or derivatives) halal or otherwise (Halal being the Islamic method of killing animals).


We would appreciate if you could immediately remove the offensive sweets (and perhaps replace with vegetarian varieties). I would also like you to consider taking up the Diversity training offered by the Hindu Council UK.

I look forward to your swift response and actions.

Kind regards,

Dipen Rajyaguru

Director – Equality & Human Rights

Hindu Council UK (HCUK) 




  1. A very good letter
    Explaining the wrongfulness shown by Morrison.
    If Morrison can not have the understanding about Hinduism they shouldn’t have a Diwali food section.
    Hopefully the negative can be turned into a positive. NO BEEF PLEASE.

  2. There should be respect all round for all religions. It is disappointing that a organisation of this size fails its customers. No beef!

  3. Stupid Morrison’s- clearly they failed not only on their research but have no ideas about Indians & Diwali

  4. Hi i fully agree with Dipen’s respectful request regarding not having Beef Gelatine on Vegetarian Indian sweets sold in Morrisons one of the leading supermarkets.

    Please do remove these products with beef which is offensive to the Hindu Communities.

    Your understanding in this matter will be highly appreciated by the Hindu communities.

  5. Hindu does not eat beef so it is insulting and vegetarian no need halal tag Morrison should remove this product

  6. All ready explained by my Hindu religious followers and I’m echoing their voice, Hindu religious = Vegetarian food. Please remove all non vegetarian food from Diwali celebration section and pay respect to all religious.

  7. I fully support the views expressed by Dipen. Marketing team of Morisson super market should keep the religious sentiments of the customers in mind whilst displaying the products.