Yoga for Couch Potatoes- “CHAIR YOGA”


And that includes me. Yoga, since childhood has fascinated me however in the interest of ‘foreign’ things whilst growing up in suburban Bombay during the 1960’s, our ancient traditions / techniques which were freely available at a local temple or in the neighbourhood were ignored. However, it’s gratifying to witness the rise and rise of Yoga since the advent of Ramdev and Indian Prime Minister Modi who promoted World Yoga Day. As a result millions of people in India and all over the world are making Yoga as part of their daily exercise routine.

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It would have been unbelievable to see your local community or fitness centre promoting Yoga say 10 years ago in the UK however the obvious health benefits are so convincing that even the NHS has a guide to Yoga (

Yoga is wonderful holistic exercise which helps mind and body.

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chair yoga-4Dr. Tribhovan Jotangia has written a short crisp book called Chair Yoga. Being a GP having practiced in Coventry for 40 years, he now practices and teaches Yoga. He has explained and highlighted Th various Asanas with good illustrations and step by step method, interestingly whilst sitting on a chair. There are easy to follow chronologic section of Yam, Niyam, Prathiar, Pranayama (my favourite), Dhyana, Dharma, Samadhi, Vyam Yogs and lastly Asanas. Kapalbhati, Pranayama is invaluable if performed correctly in the closed environment we live in. Meditation Dharma is another gem described in the book and in a stressful workplace ideal companion to go through the day.

Unless I came across the book I would never have found out that one can do many postures sitting on a chair, not a lot to ask!

Let’s face it- when we work nearly for eight hours (or more) we spend most of this time on the chair. Some PLC companies even have, as part of the induction safe way to adjust the chair for posture suit your body and to keep the elbow rested so that one won’t develop tennis elbow whilst working on computer. I would very much want all companies to distribute this book in their departments for their employees. This is a simple, less strenuous and good way to enthuse the naysayers to start Yoga in the office. Many in our community suffer from obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart conditions and for various reasons cannot attend regular classes so this book is an easy answer.