A BEER TOO FAR-“Kalika” beer withdrawn


Over two years ago we (ESHADOOT) published a story about Amazon selling doormats displaying the images of our most sacred Gods and Goddesses and revered by fellow Hindus all over the world which were withdrawn after a huge protest. Not having learned the lesson, a firm in Minnesota is now urged to stop marketing doormats with Lord Shiva’s.

However it was most upsetting for our community to learn that a small microbrewery in East Midlands located in the heart of the National Forest marketed one of their light beers as Kalika – IPA, prominently displayed with full imagery on their website – until this week that is. India Pale Ale beer was prepared since early 1800’s export of which to the British Jewel in the Crown benefited by the voyage, resulting in a taste which was popular among the servants of the Raj.

Rajan Zed who is the President of Universal Society of Hinduism spread headed the campaign which contributed in the brewery finally withdrawing Kalika beer. A statement was issued to the press and we quote

Kalika is no longer brewed. We have no cask stocks at the Brewery. There are no plans to brew it further.’

We contacted Andy Chilton, Sales Manager at Tollgate Brewery last week when he had verbally confirmed about forthcoming statement. We had also mentioned that our protest is measured, humble and in a tolerant way and emphasised that an unreserved apology should be given to the Hindu community in the UK and all over the world. Memory of how religious protests can turn ugly are too easy to remember as in Charlie Hebdo case in Paris. However our religion is a way of living, not of attrition.

We called Andy again today who seems like very nice person and listened to our point.  We stressed that apology will go a long way and that our free slot in the Eshadoot articles is for them to take whereby they are able to market their brewery products to re-establish IPA’ s historical link between UK and India in the wake of Brexit! You never know their micro pubs will get more real Indian clientele.

Jai Hind