India rejects UN Kashmir report on rights violation as ‘fallacious’


PTI | Jun 14, 2018

NEW DELHI: India today rejected a UN report alleging human rights violations in Kashmir as “fallacious, tendentious and motivated”.
In a strong reaction, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said the report is “overtly prejudiced” and seeks to build a “false narrative”.

It violated the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,it said.

In the report released today, the UN talked about alleged human rights violations in both Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and sought an international inquiry into these abuses.

“India rejects the report. It is fallacious, tendentious and motivated. We question the intent in bringing out such a report,” the MEA said

It added that the report is a selective compilation of largely unverified information.“The report violates India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of a part of the Indian state through aggression,” the MEA said.



  1. I have just seen the summary of the 49 page report prepared without being given access to either side of the LOC and quote, see link (‘ )Without unconditional access to Kashmir on either side of the Line of Control, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has undertaken remote monitoring of the human rights situation’ says it all. The protests triggered by killing of a known terrorist and the extreme restraint shown by Indian Army against the rioters is bound to be reported with bias on both sides. But its bit too much to take as a proud Indian when UN itself commissions a distorted narrative painting India as villain. Was a similar analysis done when thousands of women were abused by the defeated (East) Pakistan army during the liberation of Bangladesh? in the report it is stated that ‘ Despite the Government of Pakistan’s assertions of denial of any support to these groups, experts believe that Pakistan’s military continues to support their operations across the Line of Control in Indian-Administered Kashmir’
    Contrast the difference of access provided by the two countries ‘Despite challenges, NGOs, human
    rights defenders and journalists are able to operate in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir,
    generating documentation on the ongoing human rights violations there. Restrictions on the
    freedoms of expression, opinion, peaceful assembly and association in Azad Jammu and
    Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan have limited the ability of observers, including OHCHR, to
    assess the human rights situation there’!!
    Most of you are aware that Article 370 of the Indian constitution is an article that gives autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmiris enjoy more freedom than average residents of other states in India. Ask the Ahmadiyya community who although in Pakistan are considered non-Muslims!
    So it is correct for the Indian MEAto reject the report and we should sign a petition to boycott any charitable efforts by us Indians to UN organisations as clearly its narrative is anti India.

  2. Its high time India Govt commissions their independent report, take the bull by theb horns, stop following other institutions like the UN

  3. Anilji I read somewhere that we (Hindus) and Indians especially in the UK are less media savvy. The phoney narrative pedalled by the other side seems to work whether you hear LBC or read BBC news. I continuously complain to BBC Online news questioning among other issues, once when they did not report Gen. Musharaf’s TV admission of PAK agencies hand in the Mumbai attack. If more of us joined in mass scrutiny of the media content then at least over here we can show that we don’t ignore falsified reports (like the one UN prepared) or similar stories denigrating the pride of India. I would welcome any suggestion as to how we can mobilise the ‘silent majority’. Also on any Kashmir issue we can call the Labour Party’s bluff as Bob Blackman is the only MP who fights for the cause.