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It’s been few weeks since coming across a Bakwaas story on the online news and I for once thought that the resident reporters have at last put their thinking caps on to write something different but my joy was short-lived

Thus far I have demonstrated their blinkered narrative, to summarise is as follows

-Pin point the fact regardless of the storyline that the ruling party is right wing Hindu nationalist (Perhaps they should use the prefix Left Loving Jeremy Corbyn for the UK news and see what the reaction is)

-Mention Mr Modi’s name in negative light

-Make the Indian Muslims look like victims

So, the following table clearly confirms my view of this onslaught now that Indian elections are coming closer to blame Modi ji for everything under the sun! Never mind that he is visiting the UK shortly for the Commonwealth summit. The article regarding whether India is vegetarian has sinister motives. The author painstakingly tries to drive home the point that it is the right wing Hindus (minority vegetarians) who are policing food choices. They omitted to mention any city in Gujarat or Rajasthan, mainly vegetarian states. In a quite uninformed way, he has lifted articles and data from some obscure sources to suggest that the higher class Hindus (and therefore vegetarian!) are trying to protect the cultural heritage which is aligned with non-violence and sustainability. He omits to mention the Jains, majority of Buddhists, Krishna followers, Vaishnavas, followers of Swaminarayan and Naamdhari Sikhs who are strict vegetarians even whilst residing abroad.

Before any self-respecting vegetarian, Indian or not can accept this rubbish, we would like to find out where exactly the survey was done and what were the sample sizes. Poorer people normally find meat expensive so in my opinion they will opt for cheaper and healthier vegetarian cuisine. BY bringing in the religion and communal diversity this Bakwaas story desperately tries to discredit the Vegetarian movement and worldwide acceptance. Even the Big Mac had to change their menu in India and would not dare contain beef in any of their fast food. Go to any shopping mall in the city and there are more queues in the vegetarian sections. Check out flights and visit Indian Railways (as Mr Portillo currently is showcasing) to see the proportion of Indians who opt for veg food. Clearly the article tries to project once again an anti-India and anti-Hindu message because vegetarianism is historically connected with the Hindus. So if you are paying your licence fees, beware that BBC employs such ignorant people who are trying to defame our rich culture and heritage. The following table lists some of the Bakwaas with links to relevant stories which proves my point

Date Link Main Heading Aimed Narrative
05/02/2018 India hit list of Hindu Muslim couples taken off Facebook Use of ‘Hindutva’ ‘radical Hindu fringe groups’
 Marriages between Hindus and Muslims have

long attracted censure in conservative Indian families,

but the attachment of a deeper, sinister motive to

them is a recent phenomenon. In recent years,

they are increasingly being labelled as examples

of alleged “love jihad

06/02/2018 Delhi chief minister condemns murder of Hindu man Reporting of this story shows clear bias by BBC in toning down the origins of the accused who happens to be Muslim. If it was the other way round surely all the blame would have been put on right wing Hindu vigilantes as per previous articles
07/02/2018 India PM Narendra Modi’s wife survives fatal car crash Mud-slinging towards Modi ji: Rather than seriousness of the situation the reporter talks about Modi’s attitude towards women as he had left her to join RSS who prizes celibacy!
04/04/2018 The myth of the Indian vegetarian nation Reference to vigilante cow protection rule under Modi’s rule – always featuring his name negatively


DESH PREMI 04 April 2018