“BJP won in Gujarat because of Narendra Modi”- DR.Gautam Sen


OFBJP (UK) organised a function on 28th January 2018, to celebrate BJP’s election victory in Gujarat.

The chief guest for the evening was Dr. Gautam Sen, who is President of World Association of Hindu Academicians and Co-director of the Dharmic Ideas and Policy Foundation. He taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over two decades.

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The evening started with a dance performance of Ganesh Vandana, and recital of patriotic poetry and essay by youngsters form the VHP (Ilford) Hindi school.  Six year old Varthika Ranjan melodiously recited complete Hanuman Chalisa.

IMG-20180129-WA0009      Students of VHP(Ilford) Hindi classes with parents & teacher Vinaya Sharma

In his keynote speech Dr. Sen emphasized that though the victory in Gujrat can be attributed to Amit Shah and BJP karyakartas, but the credit goes to the charismatic Narendra Modi.  He wished that BJP wins the 2019 General Election with a bigger majority than before and that Modi remains Prime Minister for next two parliamentary terms.  The present government, he said” is on the right track and is slowly but surely making long awaited reforms”.

Basheshar Bhanot Vice-president of OFBJP,, Lalubhai Parekh, President and Shri Amberkar were also present at the function.





  1. Yes, it is absolutely essential that BJP win and Modi ji remain PM for the next two terms. If that happens, he will change the face of India, as he has done in Gujarat. Those who have not been to Gujarat for a couple of decades, could not believe the change every where, with new solid roads, Sabarmati front that would put to shame our Thames areas of tourist attractions. Jobs are galore and there is hardly any unemployment. No wonder so many students who came here for studies and have permission to stay, are going back with plum jobs waiting for them. PM Modi is a God’s gift to India and I hope people of India can appreciate it, as the recent assembly elections in Kutch where Congress triumph has taken some back, as CM Modi rebult Kutch in a record time after the earth quake destroyed so much infrastructure. He brought the waters of Narmada dam to Kutch, yet people of Kutch repaid with betraying BJP at the poll. Yes, people do have a short memory indeed.

  2. Mr Surendra Gautam,who was present throughout the function, has provided us with a good coverage specially for those who couldn’t come and missed an eminent speaker speaking in impeccable English with use of Hindi phrases here and there.
    Dr. Gautam Sen’s speech covered the whole election scenario of not only Gujarat but his prediction that Modiji’ laudable policies and sincere approach to people’s problems in India should and would bring another victory for BJP in General Election to be held next year.

    India in fact found a true and sincere Hindu leader after Shivaji, said Mr Gautam Sen.
    The audience applauded his speech time and again and we thanked him for his brilliant piece of work.
    On Vinay’s request he addressed and complimented one dozen children who took part in the program in short sweet way using simple vocabulary that the children did understand his advice.
    Thanks. Vinay Sharma and Mr Surendra Gautam.

  3. Whilst I agree with most of the eminent commentators before me I though the December Gujarat state election is still a good warning of how Modiji can oversell BJP whose performance was lacklustre. If Gujjus had some grievances, these should be addressed as this is template for the whole country. For those of you watching the Loksabha and Rajyasabha sessions Modiji mocked how Congress sinfully let the country’s nationalised banks be looted by publishing false ‘non performing assets’ percentages -36% instead of 86% which meant the taxpayers have to bail out or write off bad debts. This alone should be enough to keep him in power for next decade