Clashes outside Indian High Commission on Republic Day in London


Clashes erupted outside the Indian High Commission in London on Friday evening as Lord Nazir Ahmed, a pro-Pakistan peer in the House of Lords, organised a “black day” protest demanding the freedom of Kashmir and Khalistan.

Lord Nazir  and pro-khalistan faction called for independence for Kashmir as well for Khalistan. They were met by an equal number of counter-protesters and soon scuffles broke out, leading to police intervention.Lord Nazir is a highly controversial figure with a string of scandals, including a conviction for dangerous driving and being ousted from the Labour Party for his anti-Semitic views as well as his perceived sympathy towards radical Islamists.



  1. I was there in the front line and told some Sikh gentlemen that they were standing on the wrong side, reminded them lesson from Indian history.
    The moment both groups came face to face the Police advised us to move to the other side of the High Commission building as we hadn’t got the permission to protest.

  2. Namaste Eshadoot Editor Ji

    Nazir is a disgraced Peer with a driving conviction against him. I am not sure how he camouflaged Drink conviction against him.

    More serious matter is his deafening silence over the Grooming episode in Rotherham by his fellow countrymen and particularly by his fellow Councillors when he was also a Councillor. All white Girls were being groomed !!

    He is very conveniently forgetting the serious crimes of Human Rights Violations by Pakistan Govt against the minorities (Hindu, Sikh, Ahemadias, Christians, etc) and against Balouchis, Sindhis, Gilgitans etc, who are all fighting not only for their self determination in an increasingly authoritarian and dictatorial Pakistan but a sponsorer of terrorism in India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Iran, Myanmar and the West.

    The misguided Khalistanis who decided to side with him are an insult to Guru Govind Singhji Maharaj and his four brave Sons who sacrificed their lives to uphold Dharma and Bharat and fought against the same terrorists who are the fore-bearers of Nazir. Such is their treachery against the Sikh Dharma.

    I salute all those who went to face off these mischief mongers and stood boldly against such hypocrites as Nazir. He is hiding behind his own disgraced background.

  3. I could not add any more words to Hasmukhbhai who has caprtured all that is wrong with such protests apart from some ignorant followers of that disgraced so called Lord who probably is in the pay of some anti India forces. Talking about Balochistan, one has to also look up the story of Peter Tatchell Foundations’ work highlighting Pakistan’s human rights abuses there.
    It was very strange that TFL did not allow the adverts displayed on Cabs due to pressure by the Pakistan Government.
    Is this to do with The Mayor of London now repaying his debt to Labour’s voter base by heeding to such nonsensical decision? Those of you who may be a Labour Voter, beware, is this backdoor Islamisation through Champagne Socialism?
    Why doesn’t the BBC report adequately on similar incidences rather than homing in on what is occurring in Kashmir?