My name is Soute Ka Kya Viswas. I am resident Bakwaas reporter bringing you tantalising news from India for the online consumption as the powers to be are encouraging the common and mostly ignorant masses back in the UK or the world to follow the BBC Online. Luckily I work for a truly global brand and I know that many of my compatriots before emigrating to England would swear by BBC news. Remember our broadcast on the World service of   ‘1000 year war with India’ declared by slain PM of Pakistan Mr Bhutto?

However times have changed and due to cost-cutting I guess we are required to work within the sphere of some key words just like when you are searching on the Google. The election of PM Modi was Godsend as we didn’t have to look far and work harder unlike a self-respecting journalist. Even three years on after spewing out as much anti Modi / BJP / Hindu slogans in the Online news, I am surprised that it’s not making the desired impact. To prove how hard myself and my colleagues at the Bakwaas, have a look at the following compilation on recent India stories during the first week of 2018

Link Main Heading Aimed Narrative Bull Taming Protest Caste, Vigilante groups attacking

cattle traders

  Currency Ban
  Standing whilst National

anthem played

  Modi’s BJP Government’s

muscular nationalism Padmavati film Upsurge of Hindu nationalism

under Modi, Muslims

and members off Dalit caste

have been murdered,

Protest by Rajput caste Beef lynching’s Attack on Taj Mahal over its

Muslim Heritage Savitri Devi Hindutva is official ideology of

Indian PM Narendra

Modi’s ruling BJP Mob rule Muslim men lynched by Hindu

mobs mostly in BJP states

  India has a shambolic record

when it comes too

religious violence (4th worst)

  But the problem with Mr Modi’s


say many, is that it is seen as ineffective –

or unwilling – to rein in the thuggish

Hindu mobs Caste protest Dalit groups are protesting against


involving right-wing Hindu groups:

The event to mark 200th anniversary of

the Bhima-Koregaon battle, in which

forces of the East India Company

defeated Peshwa’s army India girls ‘attacked for meeting

Muslim boys’ India Muslim man beaten to death

‘over New Year music’

  Correspondents say there are fears that

communal and religious divisions are


in India, with minorities feeling they

are not sufficiently protected



It is so good for the desk top journalism exemplified above where there is no dearth of stories and opportunity to tell the licence payers in the UK only one view of India. We do not have to worry about equally revolting stories and the injustices meted out to the ‘non believers’ in the neighbouring countries neither bring any uplifting tale from world’s second most populated country and worry only about one so called religious minority.

My job is secure as long as I un-earth more such headline and whatever the context as long as enough pre-fixes such as ‘right wing Hindu’ ‘nationalist’ and the like are used before Mr Modi’s name. To continue the flow of the free information, I am aware that a majority of IT work and technical backup to keep the BBC running effortlessly would no doubt be carried out by technically gifted men and women from India, as long as I do not mention the word Hindu before their contribution.

Must go now there is another riot brewing up and got to cook up another story to include words to infer poor Muslim Victims and hateful Hindus as well use as many ? marks to make even myself look like a confused person….’

As Told to:DeshPremi