Andhra Pradesh bans New Year festivity in temples


VIJAYAWADA: Setting off a new controversy, Andhra Pradesh government on Friday issued a circular asking temples in the state not to celebrate New Year eve and January 1 as these “festivals are not part of Hindu culture and ethos”.

In the circular issued in the evening, Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust (HDPT), which is part of the AP endowments department, said the temples should not celebrate New Year and must not wish devotees on the New Year eve.

“As per Hindu tradition, people should offer prayers and temples should organise festivities on Ugadi, which is New Year for Telugus across the world. This follows instructions from endowments commissioner YV Anuradha,” the circular said. The circular also stated that temples are celebrating New Year eve and even extending festivities to the next day. It also mentioned about funds splurge on floral decorations and events on New Year, which go against Hindu culture. The commissioner made it a point to implement the circular, ahead of the New year-eve, sources told TOI.

Speaking to TOI, secretary, HDPT, Vijayaragahavacharyulu said New Year is a mere event in the English calendar. “However, Ugadi marks the onset of a new season and change in astrological positions. Temples should celebrate Ugadi and not English New Year,” he said.

There are more than 15,000 temples in the state, which are categorised into A, B and C grades. Category A temples are those which earn more than ₹1 crore. Ironically, New Year eve is celebrated in a big way in the famed Lord Ventateswara temple in Tirumala every year.


  1. One has to look at the origins of why the Christian calendar dates of new year celebrations started in the temple
    As. Hindu I agree with the directive but in modern world everything seems to revolve around this day The question is whether more prominence is given to this new year in comparison to Ugadi only the devotees can judge