Yogi Govt’s Independence-day Guide To Madrassas


The Uttar Pradesh government has issued a notification to all the madrassas across the state ahead of the Independence Day celebrations. As per the document, the madrassas have been instructed to hoist the national flag and pay tribute to martyrs. Additionally, all madrasas have been told to make certain that the students sing the national anthem and conduct programs on August 15th. All madrasas have also been told to get the Independence Day celebration filmed for proof.

The circular asks the minority welfare officers to direct all madrasas to ensure that Independence Day is celebrated following the guidelines. As per the circular issued by U.P. government, they are expected to hoist national flag, recite the National Anthem and pay their tribute to our freedom fighters and martyrs. Furthermore, the madrassas are expected to highlight the importance of Independence Day, by narrating stories and be told about the history of August 15. Schools have also been asked to carry out cultural or sports events along the wider theme of national unity, distribute sweets and film the entire event.

A major controversy has erupted as clerics oppose the circular. Clerics add that the madrassas actively celebrate the Independence Day and won’t undergo Patriot test for the government’s sake.



  1. One Nation slogan should be developed in India.Independence celebrations should be enjoyed by all Indians everywhere.

  2. What a fantastic idea ! The clerics who oppose to Patriot test fear dilution the effect of the parallel ideology they are brainwashing the young Muslim minds. Yogi has tackled this head on and for national security it’s important that the kids are made aware of the journey to independence and aspire to live in a secular India
    Of course if they don’t like it they are free to emigrate to the neighbours and it will be good riddance
    Jai Hind Mata

  3. The Clerics would definitely put up obstacles to achieve national unity.
    Let us see what they do.
    Yogiji is on the right path.

  4. The Muslim clerics are do this world wide. The meek, mild and liberals give them constant support.