Mamata Banerjee upsets Hindus-Appoints Muslim head of Tarakeshwar Temple


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the formation of a police commissionerate for Hooghly along with a university, a medical college and a development board for Tarakeshwar. She chaired the administrative review meeting of Hooghly district.

She granted Rs 5 crore for the Tarakeshwar development board. The board will look after the development of the temple and its adjoining areas.

Firhad Hakim, state Urban Development minister, will be the chairman of the board and Becharam Manna will be the vice-chairman.


Minister Firhad Hakim who was involved in Narada scam had earlier triggered a huge controversy by describing Garden Reach as “mini-Pakistan” to a correspondent of leading Pakistan daily, ‘The Dawn’. This comes as a huge shock to the Hindu community as a non Hindu would be looking after temple affairs.

This is ,perhaps first in the history of India that a Hindu temple is managed by a non Hindu.

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  1. For Mamta who is a token Hindu only, it is nothing new, business as normal. The blame lies at the foot of the Bengali people who had the opportunity to oust her and her administration. Once Bengali people were the cream of pre-independent India who gave Subashchandra Bose, the Netaji, Khudiram Bose, the youngest patriot, freedom fighter who gave his life at the age of 18, Tagore, Chandrashekher and many many more. How come the mighty has fallen who first voted in Communist who were so anti India and then Mamta! We all get what we deserve!