Hyderabad: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said on Sunday that Muslim leaders should understand that a masjid to perform namaz can be built anywhere, but a temple is one where God lives from the time He is installed there.

“For Muslims, it is a matter of property. But, for Hindus it is a question of puja (worship) to the God,” he compared.

He vowed to settle the dispute in the court within four months, by Diwali, once the court starts hearing arguments in July.
“Mandir construction will begin in 2018,” he declared. He said new advocate general has been appointed by the Yogi Aditya Nath government and the case would move fast.

Subramanian Swamy was addressing a public meeting under the aegis of Virat Hindustan Sangam in Hyderabad on Sunday evening. This is the fifth meeting he was addressing on Ayodhya issue.

Swamy Paripoornanda of Sree Peetham said Rama Rajyam is possible only when Ram Mandir is built. He said UP Chief Minister Aditya Nath can settle in five minutes, if out of the court settlement is imminent.

He announced that Ram Mandir would be built in 2018 and no Muslim would object to it.

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  1. It is a matter of great concern that in Hindus country Hindus need the permission from Court to build the Ram Mandir. Planning permission is understandable but not the Court. No more talking are required . Swami and others need to take action.

  2. A grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya will bring in so much prosperity for all the people living in the temple town or its neighbour hood for the simple reason the Hindus will flock to this sacred place for Darshan of the dieties.
    Tourism will bloom.
    So earlier this is done better it would be.

  3. Mr Basheshar comments are very right.Every one will benefit from people visiting Ayodhya. I wish I was the judge in this court , It would have taken only one hearing and final decision would have been on the same day. Yogi Ji please do not delay. I have spoken to many Muslims and There is no objections to them as long as they are also respected.