I was bullied and called “Curry” at School-Priyanka Chopra



In the latest issue of Glamour Magazine (she also features on the cover), Priyanka compares the movie industry to her experiences in high school.“It’s a scary place,” she says. “You will be rejected. I was rejected many times. I cried. I was told that female actors are replaceable in films because they just stand behind a guy anyway.”

“I’m still used to being paid — like most actresses around the world — a lot less than the boys,” she continues. “We’re told we’re too provocative or that being sexy is our strength, which it can be, and it is, but that’s not the only thing we have.”

“So there are so many things that you will be told,” she adds. “It’ll be scary. There will be strife. But women have incredible endurance and incredible strength. Your ability to deal with it is within you.”

Priyanka moved to the US when she was 12 and had to return after she was bullied in school.

“There was this girl who was a major bully. I think she didn’t like me because her boyfriend liked me, or some high school dynamic,” she says. “She made my life hell. She used to call me names and would push me against the locker.”

“That girl in school used to call me ‘curry,’ ” she adds. “You’re scared of those things. We’re afraid of letting people see the glory of who we are.”

Thank you @glamourmag for a beautiful June cover! Great way to kick off the official Baywatch countdown…25 days to go!