Tukaram Omble The Policeman who arrested Pakistani Terrorist


As we are approaching 26th November later this month when lots of people will be preparing for parties in the run-up to Christmas, it is important also to remember those who gave their lives to keep the rest of us safe.

The current allied bid to re-take Mosul from the terrorists could spring another wave of attack on innocent civilians in World cities from the depraved ideologists. Hence all of us have to be vigilant and ensure to report to the authorities any suspicious incidence, package or people at major transport hubs or places frequented by tourists and city dwellers alike whichever part of the hemisphere we live.

The attached video was taken by a very loyal, patriotic and dedicated Mumbaikar, Yashesh Worah at the memorial of the brave policeman killed during the Mumbai attacks during November 2008. It’s interesting that otherwise busy Mumbai roads were empty during the shoot as Prince Charles was visiting!

We salute the policeman and those who keep the memory alive. We should be proud that such sacrifices are made by those in the Army, Emergency services and Police. The terrorists will never win.

Hence do not hesitate to donate for and wear a Poppy

Jail Hind