Fourth Day of Navaratri : October 5, 2016 (Wednesday)

Fourth Day of Navaratri is dedicated to Kushmanda Maa who is one of the form of the nine incarnations of goddess Durga.
The other famous names of Kushmanda Maa are “Adishakti”, “Adiswarup” and “Ashtabhuja Devi or Ashtabhujadhari Devi” goddess around the world.
According to Hindu mythology, it is said, that when lord Vishnu was starting to create the universe goddess Kushmanda smiled and move forward thus the whole universe come into existence. There was perpetual darkness all around and no existence of anything then she created the whole universe with her divine smile. Fourth day of Navaratri Puja is performed like another day, where Kalash and lord Ganesha is worshipped after that Kushmanda Devi is worshipped by the devotees. After worshipping Kushmanda, devotees should worship lord Shiva and Brahma on the fourth day.



Kushmanda Devi is the creator of the universe. The meaning of Kushmanda is, Ku+ushma+anda i.e. “the cosmic egg”. The first word “Ku” means “Little”, second word “Ushama” means “Warmth” and final third word “anda” means “Eggs”. She created the whole universe like a little cosmic eggs. In Sanskrit language, “Kushmanda” means Pumpkin so many people sacrifice the pumpkin to goddess. This is another reason; she is known with the name “Kushmanda Maa”.
She has the radiant and bright face while body has golden complexion. She rides the lion. She has eight hands, in which, she holds the weapons and blessed the devotees. In the right four hands, she holds Kamandal, Dhanush (Bow), Arrow and Lotus while in left four hands, she holds a jar of nectar (Amrit), Rosary (Japmala), Gada and Chakra. Through holding the rosary in her hand, she blesses the devotees with Ashtasiddhis (Wisdom) and Navniddhis (Wealth). She controls the Surya Lok so it is believed that she provides the energy to Sun.
Goddess Kushmanda listens to everyone’s wishes and full-fill all the wishes of the devotees. The devotees who worship Maa Kushmanda with huge devotion and follow all the rituals, she blesses them with health, wealth and deep peace. She removes all the troubles and sorrow from the devotee life. There is one advice to all the devotees that they should perform Goddess Kushmanda puja with calmness, purity and full dedication.