Barun Kashyap booked by police

Film executive Barun Kashyap who claimed that he was harassed by gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) has been booked by Mumbai Police for misleading them. The struggler who works as a creative director with a production house filed a “false complaint” by raking up cow issue, hoping that it would bring him international publicity. Earlier in August Barun Kashyap claimed that he was harassed by gau rakshaks in Mumbai while travelling with a leather bag, a police official reportedly said.
After the news was reported an enquiry was called by senior police officials, and on Saturday night a case against Barun Kashyap was registered by Amboli police station, Mumbai for giving false and misleading information to police and creating a rift between communities. The cops hve not arrested Barun Kashyap yet but he has been booked under IPC sections 153 A (promoting enmity between groups) and 182 B (use of lawful power of a public servant to annoy any person).
After detailed interrogation was conducted by the cops an offence against Kashyap was registered after he reportedly that he lied during the interrogation.
On August 19, Kashyap posted a message “ordeal” on a social media platform that created huge uproar across the nation especially activists and members of the film industry said such bullying had no place in the city. After cops were asked to probe the matter, Kashyap who resides in Andheri said that on a fateful day a rickshaw driver asked him about his leather bag whether it was made of cow skin’ to which Kashyap replied that it was made of camel skin. The driver ten came back with three men and pushed him asking for his name. When they learnt that he was Hindu, they let him go with a warning. Traumatized Kashyap then approached D N Nagar police station.
After the Facebook post went viral Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis took the cognizance of the issue and strongly said that the culprits will be arrested soon. The cops came to a conclusion about Kashyap had cooked up the story after his details about the incident miss matched with the CCTV camera in the vicinity where the incident took place. Kashyap informed that the incident took place at 11 am opposite his building but CCTV camera showed that he came down from his apartment at 1 pm and he was not seen on any CCTV located on the route which he mentioned he was taken and threaten by three-person including rickshaw driver.
A police official said, “When nothing matched, we took the 66th metropolitan magistrate’s permission and summoned Kashyap. When we zeroed in on the discrepancies, he broke down and admitted to having lied to gain popularity”.