‘Football for Unity (FFU)” and ‘Maiti Nepal’ have organised a charity dinner to raise funds for their continued work, FFU in integrating cultures in the UK & throughout the world and Maiti Nepal in through building understanding and combatting human trafficking.
‘Maiti Nepal’ have helped save 12,000 women and children in Nepal from human trafficking, offering a safe place to stay and to recover. Many of their visitors have been trafficked as sex workers, and by providing a rehabilitation centre she and the team have helped thousands adjust following trauma.


Maiti means “mother’s home”. It is a safe haven for those girls and women who have been rescued from brothels or taken from traffickers during the daily patrols at crossing points along the India-Nepal border. Most of them are traumatized and will receive psychological and medical treatment. Some girls are able to return to their families while others become socially stigmatized due to their work as prostitutes, particularly if they are infected by HIV/AIDS. These girls will stay at Maiti Nepal, go to school and later work there. Maiti’s ultimate goal is to help the girls and women become economically independent and reintegrate them into society.“Maiti Nepal has helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 12,000 Nepali girls, as well as prevented 45,000 women and children from being trafficked from the Indian-Nepal border since 1993.
Maiti Nepal was established by Anuradha Koirala who has achieved many accolades for her work and was named a CNN Hero in 2010, as a result of her struggle and compassion to fight the social evil of human trafficking.”