BBC Bias: A Tale of Headlines


I do not know whether any of you are following the BBC Online news which I do at lunchtime. It is very clear to me that in spite of my routine complaints about their relentless publishing of ‘anti Hindu’ or ‘anti Modi’ stories rather than something positive they keep at it.

Have a look at the following and it will show the number of words BBC journalists waste in coming up anything with ‘cow’ stories, any attacks on ‘Muslims’ or any comment purporting to Hindu nationalism. Waiving of debt to farmers is positive one, totally ignored by BBC

05 April 2017

India has shown the world how multitude of religions cultures and people can live together. The Indian diaspora in the UK and abroad are far more educated and worldwide to understand the narrative. We ought to ask why BBC Editors for World News (India section) do not want to inform the license fee payers a balanced view of India, whether in sports, science or economics.

It seems that my complaints have fallen on deaf ears with their standard scripted reply as if they are not accountable to anyone. It would be nice if they published stories about religious persecution of Kashmiri Pundits or minority Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh or fleeing Sikhs from Afghanistan which I have personally witnessed whilst on an overland travel through Zahedan near the Afghan Iran border.

I would therefore urge all of you to take up stand against this news bias, enough is enough and let us get our money’s worth. Demand that BBC bring balanced and positive portfolio of news covering the sub-continent rather than stories ending with a question mark.




  1. I do not follow online news but I would from now. BBC has always been biased. There are several reasons but one main is that BBC and even most print media knows that Hindus are the most passive people who would not complain, not in a manner that would hurt the organization. They would not dare to treat other nations, minorities who are united, have financial muscle or make more noise, make their life miserable.
    But after watching the serial “Real Marigold Hotel” in 4 parts where BBC took some senior citizens to India, to find out how they would cope, would it be better than retiring in countries like Spain, Portugal etc, I was pleasantly surprised, as India was portrayed in the best possible light, full of praise for Indians, especially Hindu religion, our tradition and culture. A couple of Jewish member of the party visited Cochin, saw the Jewish historical places and said that India is the only country where people of Jewish faith have never been persecuted. At one time Kerala had a flourishing Jewish population, going back some 2000 years. So I thought this may change BBC bias, as they even praised so called arrange marriages. Perhaps it is time to be more assertive and complain where it is justified.