Hindu Council UK (HCUK) condemns Terror attack in London


“Terror comes back to the streets of London”

Wednesday 22nd March 2017, London:

The Co-Chairs, Trustees, Directors and Executive Representatives of the Hindu Council UK are shocked and saddened by the terror attack in London, which has claimed the lives of good people who will not be going back to their loved ones tonight and left several with “catastrophic” injuries.

We condemn today’s attack, which targeted the very heart of our democracy in Westminster, The prayers of the Hindu community are with those who have died or been injured, their families and friends, our brave Police, Security and Emergency Services who put their lives on the line to protect us and the NHS staff who are heroically working to save those who have been attacked. We keep them all in our thoughts and prayers.

Our Parliament is the Mother of all Parliaments and the cradle of democracy, and while a heinous crime has been committed against citizens outside the building as well as an attack on a police officer who works in the building, our values of democracy, freedom, and justice will never ever be destroyed but instead this incident will serve only to unite us against the scourge of violence and terrorism. The UK will emerge stronger and united against such horrific atrocities. Furthermore, it will be wrong to stir up hatred towards any religion or faith as a result of this attack….Tonight there will be many fearing reprisals.

“yo na hrishyati na dveshti na shochati na kaanshatishubhaashubhaparityaagee bhaktimaanhyaha sa me priyaha”

(He who neither rejoices nor hates, neither rejoices nor grieves, he who has given up good and bad, he who is (such a) devoted person, he is dear to me)

~ Lord Krishna: Bhagavad Gita: Verse 17 Chapter 12)

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  1. I think HC UK should write to the Media that they should NOT use the word Asian but the name of the country the person belongs to should be used. thanks.

  2. Although the British media has not named the culprit, the name is widely circulated in overseas media. The person who committed such heinous crime is named as the British born Christian who converted to Islam in 1993. Why the British media is so shy in naming the person. In today’s digital world, such news spread fast. By withholding the name, the media and Scotland Yard may be doing disservice to British people. Perhaps they may have some good reasons not to mention the name. Then how the foreign media knew the name and all the relevant details?