Sofia Hayat tattoos swastika on her feet


police complaint has been registered against former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat after she got the swastika symbol, considered sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainisim, tattooed on her feet and a symbol depicting Allah on her leg.

The complaint that came hours after Sofia shared the pictures of her tattooed feet and leg has been filed by RTI activist Asad Patel.


The complaint said that Sofia’s actions “are not correct and hurt Hindu people at large and would create disturbance of public peace and public tranquility and also Tattoo of Allah on legs is also hurting the sentiments of religion of minority community that is Muslims and as stated this shows her malicious and deliberate intention to demoralise, hurt religious beliefs and sentiments provoking people to have disputes of religious nature which is scandalous and not acceptable in the eye of law.”

Before the complaint, Sofia had already received a lot of flak on the social media for the pictures.

While explaining her reason to get swastika tattoos, she went on to compare herself to Buddha, which irked people further and they slammed her on her Instagram page. Sofia is yet to react to the complaint.

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