Theresa May at UK-India tech summit


“We want Britain to be the most committed and passionate advocate of free trade in the world,” said Visiting British Prime Minister Theresa May, who is on her trip to India, which is the first outside the European Union since taking office in July.

Indian prime minister Modi, backed her saying ““I’m confident together we can leverage our scientific strengths to create new opportunities, in the present global climate”. He continued to say ““Together, we can create a vibrant and thriving environment for new commercial applications with breakthrough technologies”



Theresa May who as the home secretary tightened immigration rules, said” Britain would offer expedited clearance at the UK borders under a registered traveller scheme to business travellers from India”.

India is the third largest investor in the UK, and Britain is the largest G20 investor in India. Both countries support large numbers of jobs in each other’s economies. UK companies have already signed deals worth 9 billion pounds with India.

Addressing an India-UK tech summit in New Delhi at the start of her two-day visit, Theresa May said she wanted Britain to become a global standard bearer of free trade, saying “more investment and fewer barriers to trade between Britain and India would boost prosperity.”

Bilateral trade between the two countries stands at $14 billion last year.

India and the UK are the third largest investor in each other’s countries.